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What Did The Bradley Method® and having Natural Childbirth Do For You And Your Family

Birthing Comments:

Having natural childbirth was such a special experience. I enjoyed the one-on-one time with my husband, working together for a good purpose. I feel it strengthened our relationship. I was able to bond and breastfeed right after the birth. I have connected well with my baby, Amelia.
Laura N.

The Bradley Method® was a major part in my discovery of what the best birth can, should be ---natural. For my family it has equipped us to give birth without drugs. Which allowed for a natural, nurturing, healthy start.
Marcile M.

It gave us 3 beautiful and healthy children and initially, helped my husband get excited and involved in the whole pregnancy and birth process. It also helped us set up, from the get-go, a healthy natural way of life for our children.
Echo M.

It gave us the opportunity to experience God’s miracle the way he intended. The feelings that were nurtured as my husband coached me through the most difficult and rewarding moment of our lives have been strengthened beyond our expectations.
Alyssa C.

It gave us a great start to life as a new family. We were so pleased with our birth experience and give The Bradley Method® all the credit for a great education!
Emily C.

Empowered us to deliver our baby in the way we had dreamt it to be. It connected us with wonderful friends at the same stage of life. Educated us and allowed my husband and I to bond in preparation, delivery, and rearing him up.
Krista H.

Wow – this is huge!
  1. Gave me tons of confidence as a mom.
  2. Got breastfeeding off to a great start.
  3. Started me off as a parent doing research into my decisions.
Stephanie I.