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Vachi Spivey, AAHCC Bradley™ Instructor

Vachi Spivey Bradley Method Instructor

After my first untrained and unprepared birth in 1988, and a subsequent Lamaze trained birth, I knew I needed something better. All my research, and all my instincts, led me to The Bradley Method®. Now, over two decades and two Bradley Babies later, I’m overjoyed to be able to continue teaching once more, and to share the true JOY of what childbirth can and should be, with other couples.

I first discovered the Bradley Method® in 1994 with my 3rd baby, and have been grateful for that discovery ever since. There is absolutely no substitute for going into birth not only understanding how to birth, but having the knowledge to make truly informed decisions. The Bradley Method® has stood the test of time, and continues to give new parents the tools they need for pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

One of my favorite things about The Bradley Method®, and one many people may not consider when researching their options, is just how much our coaches are trained, empowered, and enabled to be the mother’s ultimate support during pregnancy, labor, and birth (and beyond). The bond forged through these experiences is truly awe-inspiring.

All daddies are special, but Bradley Dads are in a league all their own.

Ours is a Team-Taught course, as we each have unique knowledge to share. I am a returning teacher with a widely varied personal experience, from my first birth in 1988, to my fourth in 2012. Matthew will provide the Coach’s Perspective. We host in our guest house, and try to limit class size to 3-4 couples. We find this creates the best combination of personal attention and group interaction.

We have a strong desire to give you the best training we can provide, and are always happy to answer questions from our students - whether in class, or via email/phone. We consider your positive outcome to be our responsibility as much as it is yours.