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THANKS FOR BEING INTERESTED IN OUR ACADEMIC PROGRAM -We hope that the following information is what you need to make up your mind about becoming a Bradley™ teacher. We are excited and anxious to work with you during one of our online trainings. We bring you the experience of many authorities, some during the training, some on video. Each workshop will be tailored to apply to the needs of the participants. Trainings include practice, theory, and discussion. We will be presenting approximately thirty videos, many of them produced just for these trainings; births, lectures and demonstrations which we feel you will learn a great deal from. You will receive a Teacher's Manual that has taken over forty years to compile, with; teachers tips, information on getting started, exercises, labor, birth, consumerism, coaching information and much, much more. It is our opinion that our workshops are the BEST! We hope you will be convinced of this too and find yourself teaching pregnant couples what they need to know to have joyful births. Thanks for your interest!!!

TO ENTER PROGRAM: Our program is designed for parents who have taken Bradley™ classes, filled out the Student Workbook, read Husband-Coached Childbirth, attended La Leche League meetings, had an unmedicated Bradley birth and breastfed their baby. Applications from candidates without personal experience will be reviewed by the board, additional requirements will be assigned if your application is accepted.

PART I REQUIREMENTS (ACADEMIC): Finishing all (or as many as possible) of the requirements in advance will help you get maximum benefit from the training. Time allotted: three months after the workshop. (This part may be done before or after a workshop). Your academic package with current list of required books will be sent to you along with your confirmation, after your application has been reviewed and your payment of $1,595.00 is received. To qualify for provisional affiliation at the workshop, requirements must be turned in during registration. We recommend you read Husband-Coached Childbirth and outline it, prior to the Training. We realize that new mothers are often busy so three months are allowed to complete this portion. Materials will not be returned, and sometimes get lost in the mail... so it is a requirement to KEEP COPIES for yourself.

  • Husband-Coached Childbirth - Robert A. Bradley, MD, / Hathaways. Bantam Books, current edition.
  • Children at Birth - Marjie and Jay Hathaway, AAHCC, Academy Publications, current edition.
  • Assistant Coach's Manual - Susan Bek, AAHCC, Marjie Hathaway, AAHCC, Academy Publications, current edition.
  • Womanly Art of Breastfeeding - La Leche League International, current edition.
  • Cultural Warping of Childbirth - Doris Haire, DMS, current edition.

Note: Books may be added or removed and/or replaced, as circumstances change.

WHERE TO OBTAIN BOOKS: at once youve become a signup. Also locally! Contact the Academy, we generally have all the required books in stock.

  • Required Reading
  • Parent Education Survey
  • Hospital Evaluations
  • La Leche League Meetings
  • Class Observations (Observe fully affiliated AAHCC teachers only.)

  • Teacher's Manual
  • Public Relations Items
  • Teacher's copy of Student Workbook
  • Support and Guidance
  • Online site for referrals:
  • International Affiliation
  • "800" Number for Referrals
  • Certification as a Bradley Educator / Bradley Doula
  • Teachers' web site:

PART II REQUIREMENTS (Training Sessions): Candidates must complete all sessions during the training process. Tests will be given along with progress exams. If you do not pass these exams during the training, you will be assigned remedial work and may take the exam over. If you do not pass the second time you may have to start the entire program over and pay a second fee. You MUST successfully complete parts one and two before starting part three.

PART III REQUIREMENTS (PROVISIONAL AFFILIATION): This is a student teaching period of time. Weekly evaluations of classes (2 twelve week series) must be submitted on-line, weekly, and when approved a final exam is taken. Provisional affiliates must adhere to the Academy “Statement of Policy”, represent themselves as Provisional Bradley™ teachers, and use only pre-approved materials in class and for advertising.

MONEY: One way to look at the fee is as an investment of time, love and money. If you were to charge $200.00 to $500.00 per student you would make back your investment in fewer than 10 students. We are not a funded organization and are unable to extend credit. Because of this, and to help keep the fees as low as possible, we do not have financing. If you need to spread your payments out, we do take Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards.

REFUNDS: We do not refund registration fees for lack of attendance since enrollment is limited. If you cannot attend the workshop as planned, we will refund $200.00 of your deposit if we are given at least 30 days notice in advance. Certified letters only, accepted. Transferring to another workshop may be arranged for a nominal fee. Completion of academic requirements may be necessary for this to apply. Refund will not be given for non-completion of workshop or entire program.


HUSBANDS: Many of our teachers teach as couples. There are no extra requirements or cost for husband participation in teaching classes. Husbands are encouraged to attend as many sessions as they can but are not required to attend any. The primary requirement for husband participation is enthusiasm for sharing something they have themselves experienced. There are no separate written requirements and their first name may be put on the certificate with their wife's, if desired. If a husband wants to have a certificate in his own name or teach seperately, he will have to fulfill all the same requirements and pay a separate fee.

BABIES: Babies and nursing mothers are encouraged to attend, we feel breastfeeding is very important. There are no facilities for bottle feeding. You know your baby best, and if he or she is not content to stay still for such a long period of time, perhaps a baby-sitter or Daddy might be helpful in entertaining your little one. We suggest you bring quiet toys and something for baby to rest on. Space is often limited. There are no child care facilities. A baby-sitter may bring your baby to you at any time, but may not stay for extended periods of time in sessions.


THINGS TO HAVE: Computer, Internet Connection, Phone, Web Camera, Microphone, Speakers, etc. Include informal clothes. There will be a lot of sitting on the floor and exercising. We also suggest paper, pen, and alarm clock to wake you up on time for sessions. A watch with a second hand will come in handy, as will a sweater, two pillows, and a blanket to sit on.

RECORDING: We require your full attention: past experience has shown us that people who record sessions do not participate fully in the workshops. Progress exams are given and need to be passed at the workshop. For this reason we do not allow sessions to be recorded, copied, or distributed. Electronic formats may be restricted. Computers may only be used for note taking and viewing sessions. Cell phones on vibrate only, for live sessions. No texting during sessions. No recording of any kind. This is a copyritten and protected program. Recording, Copying, or distributing any portion of this program is stricktly prohibited and may result in fines and legal prosecution.

SMOKING or VAPING: We do NOT allow smoking or vaping at any session.

How do I get students? Although we do not guarantee students, we do help you by referring students to Bradley teachers on the phone, on the internet and by mail. We have , which is an invaluable asset, and our "Childbirth Hotline" for consumers (800) 4-A-BIRTH. We suggest you get to know your local area Bradley teachers, La Leche League leaders, etc. Word of mouth is probably the most reliable way.

Is there a need for more teachers? YES! we encourage small classes (3 to 8 couples) and in many areas the number of teachers must expand to meet the demand. There is much work to be done... ask yourself if every pregnant woman in your community gets Bradley™ childbirth education.

NOTE: California workshop: Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP2611, for 28 contact hours. When requested, a certificate will be awarded upon completion of the entire three-part program and full affiliation.

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REMEMBER: You can be part of the miracle of birth. Just one person teaching just one series at a time with 5 couples per class, 4 series per year, will positively affect 20 births a year.

  • Are you that person?
  • Do you have the desire?
  • Do you have the drive?
  • Do you want to truly make a difference?
  • Do you want to be a teacher?

Sign-up today! The babies being born today have the RIGHT to the best birth possible, and you can help.

The world needs more Bradley™ births. Thank you for caring. If you have any questions or need help with any of the requirements please call us.

We are here to help!!! Teacher's line (818) 788-6662


This workshop is wonderful, it's clear that you have fine-tuned this seminar over the years, and are still growing, learning and sharing.

In my career as an actress I have participated in many workshops. This is the first time I have encountered a group that looked at my strengths. I am so pleased that you are making a positive impact on the world of birthing.

I am very pleased to see how much I have learned in this teacher-training process. I feel we are ready to be affiliated Bradley Method teachers. I sure couldn't have said that 10 months ago.

In teaching my class I realized just how much I have learned in this process. At one time I was like my students, knowing very little, but eager to know very much. The Teacher Training has continued to fill my need for knowledge about the process of birth.

I want to thank you for making my life richer. I had a wonderful birth due in large part to my Bradley classes and feel this helped my son, my husband and me to start off on the right foot. Now I have the intense pleasure of helping others to do the same. My life has taken many new turns because of your dedication to this cause, and I thank you.

As a career woman I have attended many workshops. This is by far the best organized, most inspiring workshop I have ever been at. Keep up the great work.
New York

Thanks so much for such a great workshop! You are very motivating and knowledgeable and it makes one want, very much to become a Bradley educator.

I'm so thankful for the method I teach and especially for the way it's organized. I can't imagine the amount of work and time the Hathaways must put into this job of updating curriculum and keeping instructors abreast of vital, new information to pass along to their couples.

Would you like to become a Bradley Method educator? Click here.