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Nancy first learned about natural (unmedicated) childbirth and breastfeeding from a high school friend who shared the exciting story of how her sister-in-law gave birth without drugs and was breastfeeding her baby. Nancy read a couple recommended books read cover to cover.

A couple years later while in college, Nancy was researching the role of the expectant father for a maternity nursing class and stumbled across Robert Bradley's Husband-Coached Childbirth book at the college library. She was wowed, learning how Dr. Bradley taught expectant parents a simple, natural, yet profound, proven way to have healthy, drug-free childbirth with baby's father as coach (labor support.) From that point forward, Nancy was committed to the concept of preparing for natural childbirth and having the baby’s father actively involved in the pregnancy and birth as Dr. Bradley enthusiastically shared in his revolutionary book.

Along came George. Nancy & George fell in love and married. Soon they were expecting a baby. Altogether, they gave birth naturally to four bouncing baby boys with no pain medication necessary, thanks to their preparation and conditioning per The Bradley Method®George made a terrific labor and birth coach and father, and now is a big asset to our classes, co-teaching with Nancy.

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